Delgado House


Delgado House Installation Art

Title: F
Material: Stoneware, Board, and Metal

This is "F", it's a 12'x7' compilation of thousands of small flat ceramic shapes that appear to be floating above a painted backdrop. This piece is a representation of an incredible journey that was and still is a lot of hard work and introspection. Those who saw the progress day by day of this piece asked us what it represents and it's been a process for even us to understand what it means. Here is our best guess; we are constantly amazed at how complex and incredible the process of growing a child is, the fact that as humans we can create other humans is strange, awe-inspiring and thought provoking. Each life is a collection of thousands of tiny possibilities, choices and opportunities and together they make up something beautiful and whole and complete. Every single piece (over 2,300) were hand-made, and every single piece is imperfect, yet together they build each other up and create something truly great.

To see our work in person please visit the installations on display at Park 88 Residences located at 88 102nd Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA.For inquires please call (214) 604-0417 or email us at

-Kevin & Whitney Delgado